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“The habit of attending to small things and of appreciating small courtesies is one of the important marks of a good person.” - Nelson Mandela.

Lift You Up: A Documentary About Being Crazy, and Happy.

Lift You Up is a short documentary that shows you a way of life from the perspective of Glyn. Glyn died of heart attack. He was revived. This documentary is about his outlook on life after the revival.

Lift You Up is all about how you can give a little bit of yourself, to lift someone up. Doesn’t take much.

If you’ve some time today, do watch the below embedded documentary.

"You're what you give... If you don't give you're a sad person...Give a little bit to someone..." - Glyn.

Lift you up - Dir: Ramin Bahrani // Tribeca Film Fellow: Frisly Soberanis

The short documentary is part of a series/channel on vimeo called The Power Of Words. The Power of Words is an initiative that inspires filmmakers to create films, and stories based on the words of influential, and renowned figures in the world. The series is a collection of short documentaries, and each documentary film is meant to be an educational tool.

“If you look backwards you’ll stumble and fall. That’s why you don’t worry about dying. You’ve a reason to die. You’re born to die….So be grateful and live a good life… “ - Glyn.

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