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There are gazillion of blogs out there, all about men’s fashion. Probably, gazillion more posts, that deal with the subject. While, I am in no way an expert when it comes to wearing something, every day. Or flaunting my manly feathers. I strongly felt touched and, understood what wearing clothes is all about. These videos, in no way is going to affect my style. That’s because, up until watching these videos (see below), I didn’t know what I was wearing, was/is an extension of myself.

If you are someone like me, who has never bothered about what to wear when, and so on. I strongly suggest watching these videos below. All 17 of them, give a sense of what Fashion and Style is about, for a Man. Some of what has been said, in those ~90 seconds of footages, really hits home.

The videos are not long, on an average they are about ~90 seconds each. Best 30 minutes spent, understanding what Men’s fashion and, style is all about. While, I may not know the individuals in the videos below, I respect their individual point of views. Their point of views, about Men’s fashion and, style are terse, direct and, very down to earth.

The ABC of Men’s Fashion

1. The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Simon Spiteri

“It’s not about fashion. It’s about lifestyle.”

“That’s what Clothes should do. Clothes should make you feel good.”

2.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Baron Edward Downpatrick

“A conscious realization of what you’re wearing. Of what you trying to give off. Or what you are trying to achieve…”

“Clothes should be an extension to yourself. They should enhance a person…”

3.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Steve Salter

“When it comes to dressing. The aim is to have some fun, really…”

“When you wake up in the morning. You should look at your wardrobe, and have fun with it…”

4.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Peter York

“You know the wonderful thing about a suit? It’s that the top, matches the bottom! That saves a lot of thinking. And it’s quite sharp. It’s a very good invention…”

5.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Street Etiquette

“It’s not the name of the label. It’s about how I feel this day…”

6.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Jeff Staple

“Clothes, cannot make the man…”

“No amount of clothing, or amount of proper styling or hair and makeup or money, can make a man. A man, has to make a clothing…”

7.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Imran Amed

“Who is your fashion icon? And I feel like, the best thing you can do is be your own icon. Figure out who you really are. And express yourself. Through what you wear. What makes you feel comfortable? What makes you feel good?…”

“Everyone has style. It’s just finding the style in yourself…”

8.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Coolhunting

“We don’t want to make statements. We want to observe statements, around us.”

“Fashion is something, that changes constantly. You’ve to decide, personally, how much fashion, your style kinda allows you…”

9.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Yego Moravia

“Thing about fashion is really just the thing you say, without opening your mouth.”

“I think style is curation. I think it’s choosing, choosing the parts that tell your story best…”

10.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Harris Eliott

“You should wear clothes. Clothes should never wear you…”

“It’s always about comfort…”

“Style is about being cool with yourself…”

11.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Jack Lowe

“You should dress for the life that you want, rather than the life you have. Clothes make a man, in that sense…”

“You should wear the clothes. And not let the clothes wear you…”

12.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Jesse Boykins III

“Everyone in this world, is born as a creator…”

“I am a reflection of whatever I see myself as, in my mind. Like a painting…”

“It’s not like that I am looking at the clothes and going ‘I am not going to wear those, because they don’t cost $800.’ That’s the man, looking at the clothes as if the clothes make the man… “

“I am making the clothes brand new, because I am putting them on…”

13.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Wesley Verhoeve

“I don’t think men lost the art of dressing. I think there are so many different styles these days…”

“Style is the most individual version of fashion…”

“You don’t want to have a uniform on. You don’t have to look like, you’ve thought about it too much. Just think about it a little bit… but also, just live your life. Don’t get caught up in that. Try not to be only about the outfit…”

14.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Alex Bilmes

“You can’t define people by, what they wear… “


“Sometimes the worst dressed person in the world, is the person who is the most fun to have a drink with… Not always by any means, but often.”

“We should keep style, for ourselves. We don’t have to share it with everyone…”

“The whole thing of what’s the difference between fashion and style, has become to me a cliche and boring… Those distinctions are less interesting than just umm..subjective things like Do you look good? Do you feel good?…”

“Let’s just enjoy the fact, that some people dress fabulously. And most people don’t…”

15.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Eddie Prendergast

“Does clothes maketh the Man or Man maketh the Clothes? Neither! Manners! Manners, Maketh the Man…”

“It’s not what you wear, or how you wear or what you put on. It’s how you come across… “

“The way you dress, should never looked contrived. It should be natural to you. If it’s unnatural. People will say it. It will become evident…”

16.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by Louis Terline

“I try very hard, not to let clothing become precious…”

“Style is a way of living. That becomes transcendent of dressing..”

17.The ABC of Mens Fashion - Point of View by David Art Wales

“As a man, it’s hard to be flamboyant and be taken seriously. Not that I want to be flamboyant…”

“Style comes from the latin word ‘stylus’. Which means pen. And if you think about your handwriting. It’s unlike anyone else’s…”

“Style, should be easy. Because it’s you. If it’s not easy, then it’s not you…”

The ABC of Men’s Fashion is a video series. Made available by Hardy Amies , on Vimeo.

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