It's a small reminder of the fact that we're all on autopilot. And, a reminder that there's so much more to see, experience, and be in awe of than what we initially let ourselves be okay with or confined within.

BY indefiniteloop

Most of us, we have these tingling sensations running down on our spine, when we find or experience something that resonates with us. It is like a calling card, I like to thing that it’s one. I like to relate this feeling with a new adventure; a new start, a trip, a new track on repeat. Some of us get this tingling feeling when we listen to certain pieces of our favorite tracks maybe. That’s the same feeling you get when you’re about to start on an adventure. Fear, and excitement mixed into one, I guess. Then comes the adrenaline.

Like Jedidiah in the video (embedded below) says: adventure is us when we’re all kids, but as we get accustomed to our adult lives our senses dull out; they get accustomed to our routine, putting us on autopilot. Thus time just flies by. It’s akin to being in a stasis chamber from the future; one that doesn’t stop the aging process or the living process. Then, one fine day we’re 85 years old, and wondering whatever happened to all those years?

It’s a scary thought, to leave everything you know, and just head on out to somewhere to find something, to find ourselves; without knowing what happens the next moment, the next day, from one day to tomorrow. But that’s exactly what wakes our brains up, no?

The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia

If you have about five minutes to spare today, I highly recommend watching this one.

The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia - A wake up call of sorts by Kenny Laubbacher

The video is by Kenny Laubbacher, Jedidiah’s friend. It’s about Jedidiah’s journey, his radical choice to up, and leave so that he can experience each moment of time, and reinstate that sense of adventure that most of us have lost along the way, somewhere. It’s about fear of letting go of all we know, and what may await us in return.

Another favorite of mine about this video, is not from the video. It’s from the description of the video.

”If you’re afraid of a decision ahead of you, you’re probably on the right track. Choose it!”

Couldn’t have said it better.

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