Ready to roar for the soft launch of the indefiniteloop shop. Thanks to a live-saver small SaaS service by folks from Shopify. Also, specials for the good folks who've signed up for the indefiniteloop newsletter series.

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I’ve been working away gloriously, to launch my small shop of awesome stuff as a part of indefiniteloop; working away for four months in a row now. At first it seemed as something easy; as easy as baking an apple pie (sometimes the mood says cliches). Easy, especially with so many start ups, SaaS-es around, which enable us to launch quickly, without having to go through or knowing about a bunch of stuff that ideally we should care about.

In an ideal world, a business starts with an individual. It starts as an experiment of sorts. Or so I’ve learned, and read. I’ve also read that the truth is none of them are easy to start with; each of them have their own struggles (read as mountains), to overcome.

For me that non-mountain like struggle has been to start a shop as an individual at first. That, as a way to validate an idea, and then fully invest into it. So, instead of taking two months as originally planned out, it’s taken four; plans never work out anyway. On the brighter side of things , if anything, this has made me more adaptable with respect to still forging ahead, and keeping to my deadline in a way.

I made a promise to myself, that I would have a launch of sorts by end of September this year. With only four days to spare, the bottleneck for the last month has been the payment gateway I invested into, and that of me running this as a one man show. This led me to search for any kind of a SaaS platform or a business that would allow me to sell online without having me establish a business right off the bat, without testing or working on my idea first.

And, I am happy to announce that a soft launch for something made out of a whole-lotta love, experience, and curiosity is going to happen by the end of this month; which is tomorrow to be exact.

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Here’s How To Validate Your Ecommerce Idea As An Individual For 4USD.

I thought I’d share this one SaaS platform I stumbled upon. It is highly affordable, and attractively priced for someone like us.

Enter Spaces, by the good folks over at shopify. Rather, enter

It’s a great service to hit the ground running with; if you want to try selling something online but aren’t sure of how it may perform or if you would like to take pre-orders or if you’re a designer, developer, individual creator without a checking account, and well because time’s money, then this is for you.

Spaces in action. Creating an ecommerce store within five minutes or less.
Easy to setup, and start with. Go wild!

For $4/mo (4USD at the time of writing this post) you can be up, and running within a single day. It’s easy to set up, and it’s just a single page of a shop, which is perfect for a soft launch. And in my case, perfect for keeping to a deadline; even with the payment gateway guys still working on my paperwork.

Once upgraded to their only plan of $4/mo, you can easily create more spaces (read as more single page ecommerce shops) to validate or launch a string of ideas. Imagine launching three ecommerce business ideas for $4/mo. That’s a steal, definitely. Another pro about Spaces is that if you sign up for a whole year, you get a free domain apart from a small discount of 20% (I think its 20%).

There are other options too, like Etsy, and Gumroad. Gumroad being my second choice after Spaces. What made me choose spaces over Gumroad is that I can get a white labeled shop online, as an individual for $4/mo as compared to $10/mo for Gumroad. If I had to think long term, then I would’ve picked Gumroad. Then again, that would only be the case if I had no access to Woocommerce. Once the payment gateway’s woes are sorted out, it’s WordPress with WooCommerce for the indefiniteloop shop.

More on the shop, and the products soon!

If you did like to be a part of the soft launch, simply sign up here with your email before the 1st of October, 2016. Alternatively, you can always reach out via email or Twitter.

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