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Twenty seven members, 7 RSVPs and 2 Turnups (excluding me) - definitely better than expected, especially after having decided that I would be the only one, turning up. On reaching the meetup venue, 15mins before the scheduled time, I was chatting up the manager; I remember telling him that it’s only going to be me, for this one. It was a, delightful, suprise to see two people, a member of the Mumbai Bloggers Meetup Group and a friend, who is into commercial blogging, turn up for the meetup.

The meetup, was supposed to last for an hour only, time just slipped by, as we were discussing and encouraging a young, budding, writing enthusiast to start writing and publishing. We spoke about a lot of things, right from his future, professional decisions (yea… couldn’t help meself, having been a faculty for over 2 years), to what he should do about off topic posts, he would want to publish. I, completely, forgot to get a photograph in. Hopefully, something positive comes out, when/if he starts blogging, regularly.

Being a part of the blogging community, over at talk.desk.pm1 and with a nudge from John1; I wanted to get in touch with the local blogging community, here in Mumbai. After searching and finding, almost, nothing of the sort here, I decided to start two of my own, one offline - Mumbai Bloggers Meetup Group, the other online -

I have no idea, where both, Mumbai Bloggers Meetup Group and, are headed, but I sure am excited and have dived right in, grinning and welcoming the adventure! The next meetup, is scheduled on 21st Feb, 2015.

On asking the young attendee, about what topic should we discuss, for the next meetup; he suggested that we should have a discussion about Blogging for Beginners. And just like that, it’s the topic for the next meetup. Again, not expecting a great turn out, but I am going to keep going!

Any tips and/or suggestions are, always, welcome.

  1. A community of awesome bloggers, created and run, by John Saddington, indie developer of Desk App 2

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