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This is a customary, valentine’s day post! My valentine day was spent, just like any other normal day. Except, The Mumbai Bloggers meetup was today; more on that in the next post. For now… More about my Valentine’s day; look at that stuff below and, smile!

Yup, I agree with that assesment... Food's definitely better!

Stocked up on some air freshners today!

Be Aware! Be very aware!

Bummer, Dude!

Holy Crap Batman! I forgot to get a girlfriend!

Oh! Hell No!!!

Let the games, begin!

Maybe... one too many valentine's days!?

My, past valentine's days, described perfectly below!

My, other, past valentine's days, described perfectly below!

Look at those must be valentine's day!

Oh! This one, here, takes the cake home!

Let some self-awareness, dawn on ya!

View changer!


Come to think of it, I am going to watch some Walking Dead!

Me, Recent years: "Valentine's day? What's that!?"

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