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Music, in its varied tastes, is something very integral to all of us. We all listen to music, whichever tastes our ear buds prefer listening to. Listening, when we are running, lifting, reading, working, doing nothing, or writing. Those rythms, melodies and vocals, resonate with us; resonate with our circumstances and/or our immidiate environment(s).

While writing or working, music helps me focus. It lends me a push, when working out. I genenraly do not stick to any genre, preferering to discover and listen to whatever it’s that I like. For discovery - Spotify1, Soundcloud2, Stereomood3 and Youtube4, come in very handy. Downloading and making a playlist for listening, based on what the environment beckons, is a small, cherised hobby.

Confident of the fact that I am not alone, in enjoying music that helps me focus when I am writing or working, I introduce to you all -

Music For Writing, is a small, one page website, featuring two playlists. The first playlist is filled with non vocal, ambient, classical, instrumental and nature themed, music. The second playlist, is a mix of everything with vocals., uses Soundcloud2, to share these two playlists, and disqus5 for accepting suggestions for discovering more, adding more to these playlists.

Playlists will be regularly updated; more often than not, on a day-to-day basis. If you have any music, that helps you focus or you just like listening to, head over to and let me know. I will add it to either of the playlists, depending on where it fits in.

  1. Music streaming service, Spotify makes it very easy to discover new music. 

  2. Soundcloud has tons and tons of music. From established artists to some awesome, new artists. It’s an audio distribution service.  2

  3. As the name suggests, Stereomood, autocreates and plays music, based on how you are feeling / mood music. 

  4. Youtube is a video sharing website, that has a lot of music videos online. Youtube’s recommendation engine, is quite good. 

  5. Disqus is a commenting system, for blogs and websites. 

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