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It’s been quite sporadic here, with my publishing. The reason being, I am in the middle of a shift over from, and to Along with the move, I am changing the architecture of how this blog works. It will still run on Jekyll (static site generator), but the change will enable me to write from any device, any where, on any platform; as long as I can connect to the Internet. Even in such cases where, and when I cannot connect to the Internet, it will still publish all the posts the next time I am connected. Along with all of that, the blog is being redesigned based on some UX experiments I ran in these past few months, with Abba.

Why The Change, Yet Again?

Multitude of reasons. The main one’s being:

  • I believe I’ve grown over the last year. Thus, I cannot completely relate to
  • Sojourner has had some negative impact - in terms of what that word means. A lot of people relate to it as being temporary. Which was not how it was meant to be related to.
  • I felt the need for a fresh start, since I wanted a Jekyll setup that would allow me to publish from any device, any where. Also, I wanted to simplify the design of the site, and the blog further still. So, why not a new brand?

Why logo
indefiniteloop logo

I think I’ve written some posts about Transactional Analysis, and a psychology course I took up. TA mostly revolves around experiences that one person keeps going through, repeatedly. These experiences, good or bad, form a loop. That is replaced with another, when it stops. But the fact remains, that some of our experiences are played on-repeat; because we may be deriving something from it. Some kind of a feedback that we depend upon, and are accustomed to.

I think that life in general is an indefiniteloop, no? - While alive, do; Until death, do. That feels, both, poetic, and romantic to me. It essentially covers all of my existential experiences; all of anyone’s existential experiences. The concept of life seen as an indefiniteloop, is not only poetic but also philosophical. All subjects that I write about, more often than not.

It’s a .com. Cheaper, and better to understand as compared to .co.

Add to all of the above, that an “indefinite loop” is a programming construct; it’s one of the two kinds of loops - definite, and indefinite loops. Thus also relates to me, in what I do for a living.

Those, and some other, reasons is why I chose to go with

Timescale Of The Move

The homepage is done. It’s online, here.

It will take me the entire month of December, and January to completely move over. There are other things that are keeping me. This move, albeit a priority one, is still low on the list for the month of December 2015. I am hoping that I will be able to dedicate more time to the move.

Until then, the blog will be accessible here at

And just incase you missed it, here’re the other logo options that I had to choose from.

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