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December has been the slowest of all months, so far this year. It’s quickly become a most self reflecting month of a mirror. And with less than 15 days to go for this year to come to a close, I cannot much ado about anything but look back; look back longer than just the start of 2015. Look at, and introspect all that has had been the last six years.

Thus December, has been a month that’s been filled with self discoveries; all touching every speck of dust, in what I deem as life. I cannot help but smile back, as I laugh, and move forward.

What most of all this year in particular has provided for me, is the stability of thought; of a thought - that no matter what, I shall be fine. And this one thought has permeated through the winds, rustled leaves, planted seeds, sailed the bed sheet of temperament filled waters, burrowed in the hot cold sands, and brushed against chesty mountains.

Winter's Warmth

And this one thought has also brought in a most needed of clarities. It’s true of what they say about curtains lifting within your head, and you being awestruck that you can finally comprehend the bigger views, available past those doubt riddled curtains. This same thought has somehow transposed me into a more humbler being, not that I was not before - but it’s somehow different than what the word humble used to entertain. It’s also ingrained, and heightened the thirst for quests; of all magnitudes, irrespective of the directions involved.

Maybe precisely why I love the Winter so; it somehow ends up becoming the warmest time of the year.

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