Every idea, deserves a logo. It helps streamline the idea further, if I may go that far. It helps streamline the possibilities that exist within that thought experiment. It helps further concrete it, bringing it into the real world.

BY indefiniteloop

Every now, and then I get an idea. I stove it in a little book or on the phone, which then syncs over to one of the notebooks in Ulysses. Pretty streamlined, that idea train is.

Most of those thoughts are just recorded off-line, and online. Then, I wait for a chance to work with them, on them. But, every once in a while, a simpler, nothing-to-do-with-a-ton-of-resources idea will come up. Such ideas, I work on immediately. Sometimes to check their validity, other times to let them grow into something more meaningful. Today’s logo is all about one such idea.

The first step I take, with respect to any idea, app, etc I am working on, is that I design a logo. It’s more of a ritual than anything else. It gives me the freedom to define the boundaries of the experiment, while playing with all sorts of pixel-possibilities. Designing the logo first, it gives me more of an insight into my thoughts, and an insight into what I think of as possibilities, pertaining to the experiment in question.

The Happy New Experiment.

It’s a small, new initiative to meet people from all walks of life (details coming soon in another post). It’s exciting, and I’ve had the chance to validate it once, before going ahead with it. I’ve also spoken to a lot of people within my circle, about the it. They all seem to be excited about it. They’re all leading me further into; while making me more excited.

Day’s Designs

Then there are days when something just strikes. And, I’ve to follow that streaking thought. Open up a bunch of apps, a notebook, and sketch something meaningful that would capture both, the essence of the thought, and the idea that’s been wanting to get out there. Just like today.

Here are three versions of the new, happy logo. The topmost logo, is the one that made the cut.

  1. Final iteration: Selected, new, happy logo
    Final iteration: Selected, new logo. </p>

  2. Final iteration: Selected, new, happy logo - Iteration: 2
    Iteration: 2. </p>

  3. Final iteration: Selected, new, happy logo - Iteration: 3
    Iteration: 3. </p>

A coming soon page of where this experiment will be available, can be seen here. If you did like to know more about this idea or have any feedback as such, don’t hold back from reaching out. You can always get in touch via email or twitter.

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