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Not so long ago I stumbled upon GoodUI . What’s GoodUI? It’s a website. It consists of an ever growing list of on-the-ground tested, good user interface design ideas. Jakub, and Vlad of Linowski Interaction Design , share these ideas, which are thorougly tested, for free. I instantly took a liking to GoodUI. It’s a one-pager, currently home to 67 good user interface design ideas. All tested, and most of them are common sense, which is not so common. The previous statement is, especially, true in my case. A lot of people have used one, or more of these ideas to improve conversions, sign-ups, and so on.

It’s a good thing to have come across GoodUI. I was researching on some user interface design ideas for Sojourner.Photography, when I found GoodUI. I will be using most if not all of these ideas, to better the user interaction design of this blog, and Sojourner.Photography. I will be A/B testing, and monitoring the usage of this blog with the help of two other tools (a post on each of them soon).

Sojourner.Photography, in it’s current state is using an old version of the theme design, that this blog uses. Which was the plan in the early days of shifting over from tumblr to a self hosted jekyll setup.

Good UI
Idea #48, over at GoodUI

Apart from GoodUI, Linowski Interaction Design also has three other tools. These are not free, but are great companion resources to GoodUI. This is true for their GoodUI Datastories, which essentially is a magazine that showcases their tests - mostly A/B, and experimentations. In one sentence, GoodUI Datastories is essentially a white paper magazine. It showcases their experience with increasing user retainment, lead generations, sign-ups, and so on.

I would highly recommend having a look at GoodUI. If you’re still not convinced, have a look at their evidence page. And, as I mentioned above, I will be implementing some ideas listed on the website, making observations of user behaviors caused by these changes, and then I will be documenting these observations, as posts, on this blog.

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