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With everything in life being so fickle, it’s good to watch something like the below video every now, and then. The below video by Field Day , features a couple - Krisite, and Tavis, who are about to get married. It’s aptly titled 100 Years of Beauty. The whole idea of the video is to make them age using make-up, and what not. The video shows them at their 50s, late 70s and 90s. They don’t get to see what they look like, ’till they see each other. The video starts out being all fun, and games. From there it goes on to become something very intense, personal and… magical?

What this video achieves in form of communication between the two life-partners is something worth watching, and wishing for. It’s sheer genius (Yea, I get excited over something like this). As the video progresses, you see their emotions in their body language, and their words. The video also shows them answering some questions. While answering those, you can see either of them picturing themselves, and putting in the required thought. You can see that both of them are answering those questions, while keeping in mind the age at which those questions that someone off the screen asks them. One thing to note during the entire course of the video, is their eyes. No matter how much they age, their eyes still remain young; filled with hope and, future. Thus…magical?

Given the chance, I would’ve done this. Yea, I would’ve opted in for something like this. I think it’s a great idea, to be able to see, and may be bring your future as individuals, and life-partners into prespective.

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