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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 24:

It’s 2025, and five years ago a rift appeared in spacetime that connected our world with another. The inhabitants of the other world, call theirs Primerva. All tests carried out so far, on ours, suggest that it’s the same as our Earth; located within the same solar system like ours. Some research suggests that it’s from a different time than ours.

It’s inhabitants are humans, just like us; though they possess technologies that we have never seen or thought possible. The rift is of their making; a side affect of an experiment on their world, gone wrong.

It has taken five whole years four the governments on both worlds to come to an agreement where inhabitants of one world would be allowed to visit the other. The number of inhabitants that would visit the other world, form their own, is limited to 5.

But, anyone can go. Anyone can apply to go. Though the selection process is one where a person has to participate in a tournament, against others who have applied. Each participating candidate would be going through many games that demand everything from fitness to survival wits.

You have just been chosen as the third participant.

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