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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 23:

Life’s a bitch, then you die - 15 year old, Tony Daniels

A dark one for today. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a man, who has done everything but gained nothing. Someone who’s really, really tried to realize his life, but has failed every time. There’s a lot that can be explored, explained, and passed on here.

This man, today, he is having a conversation with his 11 year old grand daughter, while sitting in the hospital bed, having only days to live. The conversation are all life lessons, in short stories of his life. The only thing he can pass on to her. Tell her stories. They can be dark, light, gray, whatever. But, every story will shape her future, and her character. Thus, it’ll also shape her life, and her perception about her life, and life in general.

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