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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 22:

Here’s a good start to a story, as a prompt:

The tree was huge! In a sea of gray concrete, and sporadic spread of green, it was as red as a primed apple that was ready to be eaten. Though, early morning saw it dull; like a sloth awaking from hibernation. But, once the sun was up in the sky, and that golden light mixed with those red leaves, that tree would come alive in splendors of red; akin to a fire dragon standing high, and tall.

Just a couple of hours before noon, I stood there, below that tree, looking up at its fires, while others just kept passing by, thinking I may have gone over the curb. I did that everyday, stood under it everyday, while looking up; looking at a burning beacon, whose light had touched something deep. Something in those colors, and something in the way the tree stood, made my own daemons roar.

Was it calling out to someone?

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