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Day XXVI of NaNoWriMo:

Your MC is a small business owner. She has a stall out on the streets in a big city. The stall is more like a hot dog cart in the Big Apple, but instead of selling hot dogs, your MC makes, and sells indian sweets. She lives a simple, and routine-full life. She lives alone in a small, bare apartment. She isn’t religions, but does believe that there’s a god. She’s also very superstitious where her business is concerned. Everyday she wakes up at 5AM to get her products ready, She finishes setting up her shop by 9AM. Her shop is a cart, as mentioned above. She keeps moving from one locality, to another. What keeps her going is the fact that She gets to meet new people, befriend them, and then feed them. The later for some money, of course. She’s been doing this for a five years now, and since then nothing has changed much in her life. She’s met all kinds of personalities, and has many customers who return especially for the Jalebi (Zulbia) she makes.

Today, like any other day is suppose to be the same. By 9AM she’s set up shop, and is going about her routine filled day. But, what she doesn’t know is the fact that today, her life is going to change forever!

How? Well that’s upto you! Take this as a writing prompt, and finish her story. Make sure that today, which is also the day she completes her six years selling indian sweets, is different as compared to the last 5-6 years she’s been doing this. Maybe one of her customers is different than usual? Maybe something happens around her regular spots? Maybe she wins a lottery? Go wild with your writeup.

If you find yourself writing, using this prompt then do share your writ by sharing a link below in the comments section; I really would love to read what’ve written, and maybe include in a post on this blog.

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