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Day XXV of NaNoWriMo:

“Be happy, but never satisfied.” - Bruce Lee

Again, I think happiness is something more intrinsic. It depends on who you are as an individual, not on the milestones you pass by, while on your way to conquer the world. Though conquering the world, and world domination ideally would make things simpler, to say the least. But the fact remains, that happiness as a feeling, has the potential to be every present; has the quality of becoming a base emotional state, a response state brought about by looking at the world, while holding that proverbial beer mug. Even after making happiness as your base emotional state, you cannot be content with yourself. You have to keep working to improve upon your yesterdays. To find new places to be tomorrow. That’s the fuel, that’s the cost of having, and finding happiness within yourself. Just some more of my thoughts, provoked by the above quote by Bruce Lee.

How do you interpret those words in the quote above? How you find balance between satisfying the hunger, and being happy? Moving on to the next thing on the list, but finishing the last entry in that same list, does bring a form of happiness, and the satisfaction of moving on. But how do you find the balance between the line that exists in the middle of the previous item, and the next one in that list? Is then happiness a fluctuating state of emotion?

if you find yourself writing, using this prompt then do share your writ by sharing a link below in the comments section; I really would love to read what’ve written, and maybe include in a post on this blog.

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