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Day XXIV of NaNoWriMo:

You’ve been on this journey for as long as you remember. Your back pack contains more than simple items that furnish your daily needs. It contains the stretch of memories you’ve made, reaching here. You’ve travelled the world, to be able to finally reach your destination. And now you’re finally here; you’ve finally arrived.

You find yourself standing at the edge of this world. The clouds in the sky have painted the scene in front you grey. It’s all coloured in shades of light, and shadows. You’re a few steps away, from the ocean in front of you. It stretches beyond your imagination. There’s nothing around you, except a pathway to your left. It stretches far away, stopping somewhere in the deep of the ocean. There are no birds, or any other living creatures that you can find, when you look around. There’s a slow mid summer like wind blowing towards you, from over the top of the ocean. There are no trees, no mountains, nothing. It’s just that pathway, the sand at your fee which is scorching, the sun, the breeze, and the ocean.

The pathway stretching in from of you, is narrow, and is lit up by the harsh sunlight reflecting on it’s surface, while either of it’s edifices are grabbed by dark shadows. It seems like the top part of something’s palm is holding it, in it’s place. You also notice that those dark shadows, they seem to be moving along with length of the pathway, right up until the end of it. The movement of the shadows is random, there’s no set pattern they move in. It seems like those shadows, are somehow alive. You also notice, there’s a boat anchored at the end of it.

The entire scene feels surreal, and feels more like a test of some sort. You’ve come this far, in search for something. Something you do not know, but you know it exists beyond the ocean. The only way to find out what that is, is to walk that pathway, and climb into that boat which is anchored at the other end.

What do you do? Explain, and flesh it all out. Maybe have a monologue? If you too find this writing prompt interesting, and see yourself using it to write up something, then please do share a link below in a comment; I’d love to feature it in a post here on this blog.

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