BY indefiniteloop

“Woke up from my slumber, just now. Found myself being beckoned, by the omnipotent photons hovering over my head. Felt something deep-seated at work, within my gut. Something that assaults, and overtakes all other feelings, and senses within. This…this Thing won’t let me feel, or experience anything else, but the brute drive that it has offered. Add to this mix, the constant fight of letting it come to me, and doing something about it. It all leads to the effect of fucking it all, and making that jump. The impetus to leap, is a result of that Something I am feeling, the only thing I am feeling right now. This has happened before, it will happen again. It’s a vicious cycle, it has ever been a wicked cycle. More often than not all these dives, are very akin to the rabbits’ holes that take you down to the wonderlands. Because of these new worlds, the hustle within is ever replaced by the sheer force of awe. At times like these, my minds behave like the King, and Queen of Alice’s wonderland. In the end of it all, I find myself wishing, and hoping that I do not utter - ‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’.” -

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