BY indefiniteloop

“Gloom - that’s the word that best describes this room. All around there’re people queuing up, siting, and waiting for their roll calls; people from all walks of life hanging onto every single word spoken by the Judicial Assistant. When you look around, you don’t see a single smile. There’s no warmth here; everyone around seems to have suffered some kind of loss. Everyone seems to be busy in their head, doing whatever it is they’re doing within their heads. Like the Universe, this room seems to be ever expanding. The expansion is gradual, and just like the Universe the creation of this cold, dark room may very well be due to yet another big bang. There are two options available to you, for you. One - keep outrunning the overflowing boundaries of this room. The problem with this option is that sooner, or later there will not be any place left to run to. Two - have a funnily majestic conversation with whoever it is you’re with. Fill your corner with laughter, no matter the morose amplitude engulfing you, and the air around you. Become a lighthouse, or a twinkling star. “ -

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