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I often come across sound advice which is all about getting out of your comfort zone. This one advice appears layered in many forms, is communicated through all mediums, in different formats, and with a lot of different words from a lot of different people. Today I carry this thought - What does “comfort zone” mean? Trying to understand the term, and the advice associated leads to simple observations further leading to more complex reasoning. Something I see, and hear is the fact that most of us are averse to change. Then is that the reason why we’re so young, and so stagnated? Is that the reason for our growth being stagnated, as individuals, and as community makers? Does it all lead up to a fact that our societies were built, fostered, and fed because of the want to escape change? Has this escape, or the want of escaping from change led to our societies being stagnated? Is change so dangerous, or are we trying to kill the laws of adaption? Even though the Earth revolves, have we reduced ourselves to mere rocks, kicked by the angry young man from one curb to the next? As an individual I seem to have free will. Free will to make choices, to decide what I want to do with my life day in, and day out. Then are all of my choices leading me to stagnation again? Trying to comprehend the gravity of words like change, stagnation, free will, choices, and growth seems to take me down paths that seem complex, then is that why staying comfortable comes easy? If I believe that I am stuck, and stagnated then will choosing any path in front of me bring about change leading to growth? And if so, will there be a time when I will have to choose, again, between comfort, and change - between stagnation, and growth? What then does it mean to be ready for change, to be ready to adapt? Pondering about such a simple observation leaves me baffled with more questions than what I started out with. So I take a couple of more sagely words in my stride. These advices I’ve found as abundantly available as the one we started out with - When in doubt, keep moving, and One step at a time.

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