Singapore is full of shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Here's a post about my experiences with that.

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There’s not much to do in Singapore, except shop, explore, eat, drink, and be merry. Keywords here being shop, eat, and drink. And, the city exemplifies that lifestyle. Wherever you go, you’ll find shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars that cater to all tastes; in a SEA way.

I am not picky when it comes to food. If I feel hungry I’ll pick something I want from what is available. But, that doesn’t mean that I do not like trying new places or am averse to trying new cuisine or bar hoping. On the contrary, I love getting to know the local cuisine, and brews. Again, I am not too picky with what I am trying out or where, as long as it’s something new. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, let’s get back to doing that in Singapore.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Prive at Chijmes, Singapore.

Four places stand out, when I think eat, and drink in Singapore. In no particular order, these are Clark Quay, China Town, Arab Street / Haji Lane (both being next to each other, I grouped them into one), and Chijmes.

Clark Quay

Without much ado, let’s start with Clark Quay. As the name suggests, it’s an area projected upstream on the Singapore River, and from Boat Quay. The Singapore River has enjoyed the status of being the centre of trade since early 18th century. Clark, and Boat Quay, both have been vital for commerce here since a very long time.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Singapore River.

Today, Clark Quay has become a tourist, local, and expat hub-spot of sorts. About five blocks of Clark Quay are home to restaurants, bars, and nightclubs; also, there are floating boats that have been moored, and converted into restaurants, bars, and nightclubs too. You also have the option of touring the Singapore River from Clark Quay. One side of the river, on Clark Quay, is full of all these places to eat, and drink. The other side is Clark Quay Central, a shopping mall.

My expereince with Clark Quay was more or less limited, due to time constraints, and other things on the list to see, and do. If ever I find myself in Singapore again, Clark Quay would be one reason. Yep, it’s that good, where food, drinks, and Singaporean nightlife are concerned.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
The Best Tacos that I've Ever Had. Along With the Most Awesomest Hot Sauce That I've Ever Had. Señor Taco, Clark Quay, Singapore.

The restaurants, bars, and nightclubs here are closely packed, and located side by side of each other; often leading these establishments to compete with each other. For e.g. Señor Taco, the place I was hanging out, had a Kizomba (looked more like Salsa to me, so not quite sure) night going on, the evening that we were there. The eating space was out on the lanes, and the bar, along with the made-up dancing floor was within the bar premises. Right next to Señor Taco was Shiraz, a mediterranean joint. Shiraz had an asian belly dancer performing right there. It was quite fanciful, if I may. Also, Señor Taco’s Tacos are the awesomest I’ve ever had the experience of having. Also also, Señor Taco has probably the hottest Spanish / Mexican sauce there is to have, that you can have in Singapore. I loved it. If you’d enjoy Taco’s with some really, really hot sauce, do not miss Señor Taco. It is a must!

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Belly Dance at / outside Shiraz, Clark Quay, Singapore.

Apart from Señor Taco, and Shiraz, there are about 300 other restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Clark Quay, and the surrounding area. Some of the ones that came recommended from others would be: Wings, Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, Little Saigon, TongKang Riverboat Dining, Octapas Spanish Tapas Bar, Motorino Pizza, Pint & Curries, and Coriander Leaf Bistro from some others. There’s also a Hooters here, but it’s more a turn off than a turn on.


Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Chijmes, Singapore.

Chijmes in Singapore was at one time, a Catholic convent known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, and convent quarters known as Caldwell House. It’s a historic building today; Chijmes, to a new comer, from the front side showcases a Chapel that is still used for weddings, etc. Explore it a little further, and you’ll end up at the backside of the building complex that is home to (yes, you guessed it right) restaurants, bars, and cafes. It’s a small walk away from Clark Quay. Everything in the city is almost at walking distance, if you’re up for it.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Chapel at Chijmes, Singapore.

As compared to Clark Quay, Chijmes does have a subdued atmosphere, and is great when you have conversations on your mind or a simple, nice dinner, and drinks with friends. Clark Quay can be loud, depending on the places you choose to sit at. Chijmes, it did seem quite nice for dates too. Two places that I would definitely recommend, out of personal experience here at Chijmes, are The Prive, and Giardino Pizza Bar & Grill. They both are quite neat for a grub or two.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Pizza at Prive, with some neat, local brew. Chijmes, Singapore

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Hijacked a wedding photoshoot at Chijmes, Singapore.

Haji Lane, and Arab Street

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Awesome stuff at awesome shops, up for grab at great bargains at Haji Lane, Singapore.

These are two lanes that criss-cross each other. They are great for bargain shopping, and (yes, you guessed right again friend) for eating, and drinking. These streets are definitely a thing you should have on your to-do list for Singapore. They were recommended by a world renown, local artist (more on her in a later post). I’d go as far out, and suggest that you keep an afternoon, and the same evening free for these two quaint little streets. There are great bargains to find, tastebuds to tingle, and stupor to be had.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Wieners Kebabs, and other Lebanese stuff at Nasrin, Arab Street, Singapore.

We ended up late here, and had to opt for dinner first, which was at a Authentic Turkish / Lebanese joint called Nasrin. You cannot miss it, and it is easily spotted. The food here is awesome. I would definitely recommend this place; also, turkish coffee.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Nasrin, Arab Street, Singapore

Post our dinner here, everyone else left for things that they had to do. I stuck around, venturing into shops, and found a sweet little shop that gave me an awesome bargain on a great backpack. I wish I’d had more time to spend here. Again, these two lanes would be another reason, along with Chinatown (didn’t have enough time for Chinatown) for me to return to Singapore, if ever. Chinatown, I think, every Saturday has a traditional Chinese dragon dance hosted there.

Singapore Travels: Trips, tips, and experiences.
Kebabs, Humus, et. al at Nasrin, Arab Street, Singapore

This wraps up the places that I found really neat for satisfying taste buds, and exploring the nightlife in Singapore, with whatever time I could afford. Next up is my tattoo experience in Singapore; post will be up soon.

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