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I am not fashionably talented. But, I do love them shoes. I am always on the hunt for a pair of good shoes, or boots. I love them in leather, felt, or cloth. Apart from shoes, I do love a good wallet. Then there are hats. Hats are good for goofy times.

A decent pair of shoes, a good wallet, and a goofy hat. That’s me. All the three of them, hand made or otherwise, are expensive. All the good ones are.

A brand new pair of boots that I like, cost around anywhere from ~500USD to ~1000USD. The wallet(s) cost in the range of ~250USD to ~1000USD. The cost of the hat, depending on the make and type, ranges from ~100USD to ~800USD. For someone like me, it’s a fetish, chalked up to window shopping.

More recently though, the window shopping became a purchase. I wasn’t aware of the fact that there are several online shops, also known as used, or second hand boutiques. These online fashion stores, sell good make of all those three things, and then some, for insanely good prices. The only catch is that these are used, secondhand, hand me downs. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, the way I see it. The costs vary, but are much, much more affordable.

Here’s a list of N sites that have users selling their second hand, branded, and labelled fashion wear, and accessories for men.

1. Grailed:

Used Men's Fashion Wear

Grailed is one of the best sites out there for used mens fashion wear, and accessories.It’s, solely, tailored for men. This is where I made my first purchase. It is a bowler hat. A very old, and fine looking one. Still waiting for it to be delivered, at the time of writing this post.

2. Web Thrift Store:

Used Men's Fashion Wear

This one turns excess goods into cash for charities. Not only does this online boutique sell branded goods, but it also sells non-branded stuff. This one’s for everyone, and everything.The Men’s category is full of some awesome fashion wear and great accessory finds.

3. Like Twice:

Used Men's Fashion Wear

Like Twice is a great second hand online boutique for buying your fashion fix. Great prices too! For e.g. At the time of writing this post, an Austin Reed Men’s XL grey blazer, originally costing $200, is available for $60 USD! That’s a whooping 70% off!

4. Dresm:

Dresm is another great market place to sell and buy used clothes. They have wide range of used fashion wear for Men, and Women. What I don’t like about Dresm is the fact that on the listing page, there are no prices mentioned.Check out the video above, to see how Dresm works.

5. Oxfam:

Used Men's Fashion Wear

This one’s from the UK.Oxfam has over 1 million products online. Not all of them are used fashion wear for men. They have a section dedicated for that. It’s got everything you may need or want, to quench your fashion thirst. Prices are great too. The proceeds go to various charitable endeavors.

6. The Real Real:

Used Men's Fashion Wear

The Real Real is not an online boutique for used fashion wear. It’s an authenticated luxury consignment boutique that sells new Men’s fashion wear for great discounts. If you’re not that into wearing something used, or hand me downs then The Real Real is for you. Great labels for some really good prices.

**7. asos Marketplace: **

Used Men's Fashion Wear

Again, like the Real Real, the asos Marketplace is not a site selling used fashion wear, and accessories for men. It’s a marketplace to shop new, and vintage fashion for great discounts. The marketplace is hosted by asos, which I think is a great initiative.

8. Men’s Second Hand Designer Clothes:

Used Men's Fashion Wear

A pin board on Pinterest that has some really good fashion finds for men. From all over the internet. Definitely something to keep an eye on.


Here are two more resources related to buying used fashion wear for Men.

1. A guid to buying, mainly used Men’s clothes on Ebay - from Reddit’s /r/frugalmalefashion, which in itself is a great resource for finding some awesome mens fashion wear, and accessories online.

2. Why should you even consider buying hand me downs, or used men’s fashion?

Here’s an infographic that puts it into perspective for you, in terms of going green and how much textile waste is generated in the US.

Used Men's Fashion Wear

by USAgain. See the full res version of the infographic.

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