Another awesome, online writing/editing app. Writer by BigHugeLabs is definitely one of my favorites. It just works, and does what it's supposed to. Read, to find out more.

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Like I mentioned last week, it’s been a long time since I stumbled upon some great writing tools that deserve so much more attention than these are given. Here’s another one of those awesome writing tools. This one’s by the good people at And, it’s simply amazing when it comes to helping you write, like a runaway typewriter; write anything. This article was written using this writer by Here’s what I make of it:

Writer by

Writer - Awesome Online Writing/Editing Web App. Definitely worth your words.
Writer - Awesome Online Writing/Editing Web App.

Writer is one cool, distraction-free writing tool. I love the whole old-school, terminal thing it has going for it. It goes full screen too. It has most of the common features found with the cool kids on the block, like autosaves, regular backups, security features, privacy, offline mode, various kinds of customizations, export options, markdown formatting, unlimited documents, unlimited saves. You also have the option to set session, and document goals. Some other advanced features like built-in thesaurus support, premium support, archive downloads, statistical tracking, revision history, etc are available in their pro package.

Writer - Awesome Online Writing/Editing Web App. Definitely worth your words
Writer: Quick toolbar at the bottom of the editing pane let's you do all sorts of stuff, along with displaying your current stats, compared with stats from your previous documents.

The Pro upgrade costs about 5USD/mo or 48USD/year, at the time of writing this post. What I did love was that they also offer a “lifetime” Pro access account for 99USD, at the time of writing this post. If I were to upgrade to pro, I’d go for the 99USD lifetime subscription plan. Full disclaimer: I’m not gaining anything if you subscribe or happen to use Writer.

Writer - Awesome Online Writing/Editing Web App. Definitely worth your words
Don't like the current interface? Change it using this pane.

And here’s cherry on their cake - Writer, even with the free account, can sound like a real typewriter if you’d want it to. That, with just a flick of a switch; no need to install software on your machine that enables this, no need to install a chrome plugin that enables this. I love that they included this feature in their free accounts too! Definitely a tool worth your time, and your words. The free account, while limited, is not bad at all! I love it! What’s there not to?

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