A great, distraction-free chrome app for writing/editing. It's also available as an online editor/writer app for you use, for free.

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Sure enough, it’s been a long, long time since I saw, used, and reviewed a neat writing tool. Here’s another one of these writing tools — an online /chrome app, and it’s aptly titled ‘Calmly Writer’.


Like many before it, Calmly Writer has a plain interface; with an off-white background, and off-black typeface presented to you start writing with. This combination, I think, works for the most of us. The editing pane closely resembles the one used by Medium. Calmly, in my opinion, is primarily marketed as a chrome browser app first, and foremost. It does have an “online“ editor, which I might add, I am currently using to write this article in Chrome Safari.

CalmlyWriter - Chrome App & Online Writing / Editing Tool.
CalmlyWriter - Chrome App & Online Writing / Editing Tool.

Various formatting options exist, and you can make it sound like a typewriter too, by installing a third party google chrome plugin or by installing a software on to your machine. Otherwise, it’s got the very basic sets of features for e.g. you can switch on/off the focus writing option, view your statistics, download/export, save, etc. Calmly Writer does not offer much in terms of features. And, I think that is because they wanted to remove the bloat, and make it more about writing by providing only the most minimal amount of features that you may require to write your next-award-winning post/novel. The one good thing about it is that you can start writing without having to signup, or even use the chrome plugin, etc. Another thing I like is the grammarly integration that helps a ton with checking your grammar. The thing I don’t like is having to install another chrome plugin to make those neat typewriter sounds.

Check Out Calmly Writer Online

Check Out Calmly Writer Chrome App

Bonus: Make Your Chrome Browser Sound Like A Typewriter

If you did like your Chrome browser to sound like a typewriter, you can get this chrome plugin; against other software that virtually turns your machine into a cool typewriter sound-making-machine.

Download Typewriter Sounds Chrome Plugin

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