A small, nifty web app that helps you choose your next movie title based on scores / ratings scourged from the rating bases on the Internet, and shows you the availability based on your search criteria.

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Cinesift compares ratings from the rating overlords of the internet to bring all of their ratings for a movie into one place; so that you may choose, and compare all of them in a single place, as well as select your next title to watch. That, only if you’re picky about your movies, and follow the ratings all across the inter webs.

Cinesift, after well bringing all those numbers in from the varied sources, then proceeds to rate a movie based on them. A great little tool if you’re looking for a review of a particular movie you haven’t watched yet. Or if you’re wanting to watch something you haven’t, but would like to see it rated first.

Cinesift - The Movie Rating Aggregator.
Cinesift - The Movie Rating Aggregator.

What I love about Cinesift is the filter search. It’s so convenient to search for something to watch based on ratings, reviews, and availability. You have the option to select the year range, select genres, availability, combined rating based on individual ratings pulled from four sources, and you could also set individual parameters for each of those sources. Marvelously brilliant! You can create an account or login using Facebook / Google+, and save titles to your watched, watchlist, favorites lists. Definitely a nifty little tool to have around if you enjoy movies as much as I do. I think it’s a great initiative, and it’s free to use! (See the gif above, and the image below for a preview of the search filter.)

Cinesift - The Movie Rating Aggregator.
Cinesift - Advanced Search Filter Awesomeness.

And, if you did like to provide feedback, suggestions, and feature requests then you can do that easily here.

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