Here's an awesome infographic on what makes a perfect logo design.

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The Design Process I Follow

I was recently asked by onewomanempowered to design a logo for her upcoming NGO project. I readily accepted, and like all the others that I’ve designed, I started from scratch with respect to her request. I do love taking some time off from my daily grind, and experimenting with design, painting, illustrating, etc. - I’ve noticed that the more I do this, the more it keeps me centered, and focused while I work. Now, I wouldn’t label myself as a designer; far from it actually, but I do enjoy designing, experimenting, creating, and the whole process that’s encapsulated in this process of creation.

Naturally when I start from scratch, I tend to actually start from square one, which is starting from basics - researching again, and again what a logo essentially is, then moving onto looking at what other designers have done within the same domain of work, then comparing their work, along with looking around wherever I am to get some form of inspiration to base the design of off.

More often than not, this process takes some time for me to actually start the design process, thus I also have some saved articles, design work, paintings, etc to look at when starting a new design - bringing down the time I spend reading, etc. The Infographic below is one such resource, and it’s a new one I stumbled upon while on my way to learn, design, and create.

The Infographic is made by so and so. I really like the way the information is presented with clear cut examples. I have this Infographic now open at all times, while I am creating iterations for her new upstart.

Recipe for the perfect logo by Company Folders

The Recipe For A Perfect Logo - By CompanyFolders.

I’ll be posting the her new logo iterations here, on this blog, soon. Stay tuned.

Do let me know, what you think it takes to design a great, awesome, shiny new logo. Leave a comment below, or tweet back and let me know! I would love to know your thoughts on it!

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