Everyday I learn something new. Everyday is about learning something new.

BY indefiniteloop

Every decision we make, everything we do, everything we don’t do, every choice we make, every time we give up, every step we take, every bridge we cross, every bridge we burn, everything in this universe has something to teach us. That’s how I perceive this world, and that’s how I love to live. I see myself as a fresh out of the farm, green novice bent on finding his legs.

Everything around us is bent on teaching us something - that’s something I strongly believe in. Everyone we meet, is then a teacher - that’s how I see people who I let into my classroom, who I leave behind, who I take with me within, who I look up to, who I love, who I call friends, who I don’t call friends; everyone of you is a teacher to me or has been.

Thus it is up to us, as students, to choose what we want to learn, and from whom we want to learn from. It is also up to us to use whatever we learn in a manner that benefits us, and whoever or whatever that has taught us.

Somehow mistakes are never enough to learn from. Gaining knowledge doesn’t only come from the act of failing or succeeding, but the bigger lot of it comes from observing, and listening. It’s also acquired through mindfulness; being mindful of how decisions have consequences, and they in turn affect our own perceptions; further extending us some foresight. Knowledge is also imbued within our regrets, and how we cope with them. Having none, doesn’t actually mean that you have none. On the contrary it means that you don’t let yours affect your tomorrows.

Living doesn’t have to involve proving something to yourself or to others. It’s about what you stand for, what you believe in, and whom you believe in. It’s about sharing what you’ve learned with others, and then letting them share their perceptions, and knowledge with you.

That’s the world I live, and love in. Do teach me something.

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