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NextGEN Resize is plugin that resizes your pictures, photos while they upload, on the fly depending on the options set using the NextGEN Resize control panel screen. It also resizes all images pre-existing or otherwise in a NextGen Gallery on a click of a button! This plugin requires Alex Rabe’s- NextGEN Gallery Plugin, without which the NextGEN Resize plugin simply will not work.

NextGEN Resiz – Every time you upload any and all images, it would resize them on the fly based on the options set on the settings pane.


  1. Easy/Simple to use.
  2. Resize images, reduce their size and dimensions on the fly, while using NextGEN
  3. Flexible settings, set dimentions, etc.
  4. Easy to switch on and off.

Download NextGEN Resize from the WordPress repo.

Tutorial on using the plugin

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