An awesome infographic I stumbled upon while browsing I may not be the most fashionably attentive-curios guy around, but I do love my shoes.

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I love shoes; earthly, use-them-with-mostly-everything-I-wear shoes. And, as I grow older I seem to have changed my tastes, and opinions about what I should walk in.

Nowadays, I am more concerned about which-type-what pair of shoes, go with the clothes hanging off of me. I have also started to become a little more aware of what I wear, when I am stepping out. Dressing up a little seems to make me more confident, and happy.

”Good Shoes Take You Places” - Someone, somewhere.

Here I was just browsing along for the fun of it, and bam! There it was - The easiest shoe guide to keep around, for someone like me. Why easiest? Well, I’ve covered this topic before. I did find another infographic, useable - but not something that I could retain information with. So, I still can’t tell most shoes apart; except boots, moccasins, sandals, and boots. Yea, I am a late bloomer of sorts. And, that just means that I take more time to get there ;)

Coming back to shoes, this infographic embedded below is a neat resource to have. Now I know exactly what pair I want to invest into, and what I am looking for. This little shoe of an infographic did help me, so it may be helpful to others, and that’s why I thought I’d share it here with you guys.

The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide To Shoes

The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide To Shoes
Infographic: The nicest shoe guide I've ever laid my eyes on. Click here for the full-res version.

The infographic, in a detailed manner, explains the types, decorations, occasions, and optimal pairings of shoes with everything else on a man’s body (hmmm…). It also has some useful style tips, along with what socks, and more importantly the sock to height ratio (wasn’t even aware there was something called a sock to height ratio). Definitely studying this one, and keeping it handy for getting a new pair of maybe…plain oxfords.

See The Full-Res Version

Although I found this guide on, the infographic is from the good guys over at

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