Photography is, and will ever remain the best gift that anyone has ever given me. And, there are a lot of people who’ve. One way or another they have influenced how I perceive, relate to, and look at the world. Others have imparted technical know-how of utilizing a camera, yet others have influenced how I post produce, and create something entirely different using photography on a whole, and cameras as a medium.

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I miss writing about photography. I want to write about how photography, cameras, and people have changed me, and how what I create with photography has evolved into something magical for me; into something more, if I may.

Not A Photographer

Let me state this - I am not a photographer; professional or otherwise. Most of the photographs (digital or film), I make are skewed into something else entirely from what they were when first made. They’re in a sense…remade, into somethings that I perceive, observe or can relate to. In essence, it’s made with the help of the camera (doesn’t matter which or what medium it uses), and light. Then it’s remade into this something, with the help of a slew of apps, either on the phone or the main machine. And, finally it is ready for print or more recently so, it is ready for the upcoming store.

Apparitions by indefiniteloop on

Since these apparitions are first made with the help of the camera, and light, it’s natural to term that as photography. And, I cannot relate to being a photographer, I can’t label myself as one. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating with a camera, shadows, and light. I will definitely find myself somewhere, shooting some event or some such. And, definitely don’t get me wrong here - I’ve the utmost respect for all photographers, of all levels, from everywhere. It’s just that I don’t feel I belong there in that group. I’ve tried.

For the sake of brevity, using the camera, light, shadows to create these apparitions, and for the lack of a better term, I am inclined to use Photography as a category in general that’ll be used to detail all my experience accumulated, and yet to come while creating them.


It’s been some time since the new design went live. And, ever so often I tend to keep updating, and fixing little things one this whole ecosystem of individualistic-brand-bandwagon of a blog I’ve opted-in for.

One of the todos was to simply port all the posts from, over to this category here. Most of those won’t make it. Only about three of them will be ported over to this singular home.

In the coming weeks, and days (thanks to a new schedule of sorts - more on this in a later post), I’ll be regularly writing about my experiences with various mediums of capturing light, tools, apps that I regularly use, reviews of other apps that didn’t make the cut, filter packs made will available for free downloads, and more will be shared from under the photography category.

There are some more major changes coming to the blog before the shop goes live. Like this first post on this new home. Then, some other changes to publishing schedule I’ve been using for the most part of the last 1.5 years (post coming soon), yet others to the design of this blog (nope, not making a new one XD. Just updating some corners here, and there). These changes I mention, will be rolled out by this or the next week or latest by the end of this month, as time permits.

As always, if you have any feedback or critique, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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