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I am quite a hairy fellow. I do like to flaunt my hair; think goldilocks with a beard, which by the way, more often than not, is all over the place. Why? - because good genes, and of-course Dihydrotestosterone.

Call me a hipster, hippy or whatever (personally, I prefer being called a caveman) but, I love keeping a beard - one that’s big, and all over the place. Although, there are times when I go completely off the rails, and shave it all off too; just so that I can grow it again - facial boredom strikes again!

But when it’s there, hanging from all over my face, there are times when I need to groom my one big growth of a jungle (proud of it too), so as to not offend anyone who gets in my face - I am polite like that.

That being said, the infographics embedded below are for all the hairy apes like me, out there. These three infographics are all about grooming moustaches, history of beards, and lastly - about the art of manliness.

Grooming That Moustache

Infographic: Grooming Your Moustache

What I liked about this particular infographic, even if it doesn’t deal with taking care of much of my facial hair, is that Chris Thomans - the creator of the infographic, has included a simple, and an excellent recipe for making moustache wax. I am, I think, going to try making some wax at home.

Making Your Own Moustache / Beard Wax

Here are some more recipes to make that awesome beard wax -

  1. Solid mustache wax recipe

  2. Homemade Mustache Wax – a DIY Recipe (This one will probably smell better)

  3. Lastly, Pieter Lauders comments (original page) another recipe.

Infographic: Make Your Own: Beard, Mustache Wax.
DIY: Beard, Mustache Wax.

Do note that most of the process for making your own beard wax, in all of the above links, is essentially the same.

Making Your Own Beard Oil

And as an added bonus, here are some 10 recipes for making your own beard oil.

I make my own beard oil, and it’s very easy to do so. You really don’t need to buy beard oil, instead make your own. Spend that money saved, on a good beard brush instead.

The Amazing History Of Beards

Infographic: Grooming Your Moustache
The Amazing History Of Beards.

Another great infographic, which is all about the history of beards. Some great information in there too, along with the bit where it states - “Find a woman who can handle your panache”. I loved that line!

Infographic: Grooming Your Moustache
Forever Alone: Yep, haven't found one yet.

Oh, did you know that the top 100 on the Forbes list are clean shaven - there goes that million dollar idea. I am good at being a lumberjack (more lumber than jack), and all!

Infographic: Grooming Your Moustache
Forever Poor.

The Art of Manliness

Infographic: Grooming Your Moustache
Infographic by ArtOfManliness

Yea, do everything that the infographic says - especially the part where it states “don’t shave that chest hair”, which in a nutshell is the only art to manliness!

Future Goals Of More Manliness

Below is yet another embed. This one is from Pinterest, and it’s here because I resemble at least two of the faces in there. I’ve circled both. Now you know.

Here's where my beard is headed
Here's where my beard is headed. Image source.

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