Trying to be satirical blogger, and write a satirical post. Because, it's a Tuesday. And, I am failing; miserably. At the least the infographic is entertaining, if nothing else.

BY indefiniteloop

In dark damp corner, he tries writing a post...
In a small, damp, dark corner of the room he sits, and ponders...

Crap, it is that time already. What do I do? What do I write about, today? It’s a [insert a weekday here]! I really don’t want to write something flimsy. Or write something useless.

I really ought to get my topics straightened out for the entire month in one day. Thirty topics to think about, at the beginning of every month - that can’t be too hard! At the least not hard as trying to find what should I write about today - just before I have to write it.

Maybe I should write about the girl I met in the coffee shop or maybe write about the experience of traveling in a local bus in Bombay? No. That doesn’t sound right.

Okay. What about Trump? Write about him? No, no, no - I don’t do politics. Nope. But isn’t not writing about him politically correct? I have no idea. And, precisely because of that - nope.


Calm down. Calm down. Let’s think about this for a minute. What is that I want to share with the people who actually land up here? My daily habits? My life? My dog’s life? … dog’s life seems like a fair play, no? Who doesn’t love dogs, right? Wait a minute… why did I start blogging again? Yes, it was to share my experiences, satires, stories, inspirations, motivations, and generally become more vulnerable… right. Right, so what has the dog got to do with it all? Maybe, I can make it so that I can relate to the dog somehow? No… that would involve a thinking level of 9000 or more…

Still not sure what to write about.
Argh! What should I write about?

Back to square one then. What should I write about? Hmm… how about I write about ‘What to write about?’

Nope. That wouldn’t work. I’ll go on a rant, if I do that. Which I don’t want to. Although, let’s keep that topic on the list for some other day. Hmmm… let’s see… how about I write about what’s happening to my brain every time I think about writing a blog post? Nope. Dig a little deeper. I can feel it. It’s coming, it’s coming… wait for it… How about this - I write about what goes in a bloggers brain in a situation like this?

every word I know
This. Everyday.

Yes! That sounds totally legit! Definitely something meaningful. Yes!

Wait a minute… Someone already must have written about something like this, no?

Oh, well look at that. Someone’s (infolinks’) already beaten me to it. They’ve made a bloody infographic out of all that a blogger wonders about. Look at that!

Blogging is awkward.
Blogging be like: Coming in. Done. Heading out.

Wait a minute! I think I can turn this thing around. I’ll write what I exactly go through, almost everyday while trying to rack my little-itty-bitty brain about finding a topic to write on. THEN… I’ll include the infographic they made, right below the post!

Yes! An almost satirical post about how my brain goes hither-tither when I am thinking about writing a blog post. How cool’s that!? Very!

The Brain Of A Blogger - An Infographic.

Here’s the infographic by the way, embedded below:

Infographic - Brain of a Blogger - By infolinks.
Infographic: Brain Of A Blogger by infolinks

It’s really hard to come up with topics to write about on a daily basis. But, there are tons of things we can do to actually mitigate it. Topics - are the hardest part of running a blog, in my experience (1.5 years today - at the time of writing this post). Then comes the actual writing. I like to have fun with that. And, I do write for myself more than anyone else. Also, I am not willing to put up ads to monetize the blog. I’ll do everything to keep it ad-free (except I do display ads about my own stuff out there). I don’t really keep an eye on the incoming links, etc. I just tend to write, and then leave it in the wild. Thinking of it all as an extremely long term experiment. The conclusion to which will not be determined by me.

Hmmm... definitely something I'd consider writing about. Sure shot winner, this.

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