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A Rare Event.

It’s not everyday that a browser makes a splash in the Browsing industry. It’s rare, and refreshing (if I may) to see a new browser work awesomely, and help you multitask, collaborate, and watch movies while you’re working.

Introducing Helium

Imagine learning to code while watching a video, or imagine having a Google Hangout window open while you’re writing code, or fixing bugs, and while on screen, with your team. Imagine designing, updating, or fixing a web page layout, and having a browser open on top of your code while you’re working, or imagine playing a music video while you’re writing a blog post, just like this one. This is what Helium offers, as a browser. It gives you the advantage of opening a floating browser window, without actually coming in the way of things that you’re doing.


When I learnt about Helium, instantly I could see the value of having something like this browser open with a tutorial video, or the documentation while working with code.This is especially true for me - while I am learning, and coding iOS apps. This would definitely work for some of us. On the other hand it may also prove to be a distraction, for someone who’d want to watch a movie while coding, or working?

Helium was created by Jaden Geller , and is open source.

How Helium Works,

The below video shows you how helium works, and how I plan to use while I write blog posts, every day. It’s simple to use, and has a small foot print. By just being visible over your IDE, Writing Apps, and what have you, it solves a multitasking problem for many. Even for people who have multiple screen setups. A prominent feature of Helium is “Magic URL redirects” - Essentially when you paste the links of videos from Youtube, and Vimeo it just shows you the video, instead of the entire page.

It’s definitely worth the download.

Video: How Helium, the Floating Browser window, works.

Download Helium

Currently, Helium is only for OS X, and the current version only works on Yosemite.Older Mac OS X versions can use older versions of Helium, just head over to Github, and download an older version. Helium is not for Windows.

Download Helium Helium at Github

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