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Not so long ago, I started with tinkering the UI of this blog, and my website. While I was busy developing the Daily Write app (an iOS app for sharing writing prompts with other writers/users), the idea of changing the UI of this blog has kind of been on the back-burner. This post starts the revival of some UI updates I’ve been wanting implement with respect to the design of this blog. But, where do I start? How do I know what works, and what doesn’t?

A great place to start to answer my own questions would be Google’s Analytics , and Google’s Search Console (previous known as Webmaster Tools) . Along with using A/B (Multivariate) testing - post on this coming soon.

Learning More About The Visitors To My Blog.

Great! analytics is setup, your website conforms to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines , and you’re actively keeping a track of your traffic. Then what? At this point, analytics doesn’t tell me much about “how” my blog/site are being used. Is there something else that I may be able to use to tell me that?

Precisely the question I’ve had been asking myself. On searching google, I came across an awesome tool that helps you see what your users actually do, while on your website - that’s live user sessions recording! You can log into this app’s panel, and watch videos of visitors using your website! Get to know your traffic very intimately. Not only that, this tool is one of the best out there, and is priceless!

Inspectlet: Watch what your visitors do while they’re on your website!

Isn’t it great that you can actually see what you’re visitors are doing while on you’re website? Think about it, you will actually be able to make better UI/UX decisions when you can see that customer following through a purchase on your website. This is what Inspectlet makes possible. It gives you hard data, about your e-commerce funnel, signups, heat maps, et al.

All this data is provided in the form of videos, click maps, and heat maps. You can actually see what an individual visitor did while browsing your blog, or ecommerce shop! While click maps, and heat maps may be obtained from other sources, the user session video recordings are what sets Inspectlet apart.

Inspectlet Overview Video.

Here’s Why I Use Inspectlet

  • I can watch individual visitors use my site, as if I was standing right behind them.
  • When I set some goals in analytics, or a funnel sometime down the line on this blog, Inspectlet will allow me to “debug” that funnel or simplify the way users interact with my website/blog to reach that goal. This it does by recording the sessions of visitors/readers on my blog.
  • Awesome filtering tools for showing a recorded sessions based on criteria that you specify. What this does is allows you to watch recordings based on your use-cases, or personas. Simply priceless!
  • Group or tag individual users.
  • Setting Inspectlet up is absolutely painless. It’s as easy as setting up Google’s Analytics! Copy, and paste the javascript. And you’re done. You always have the option of customising Inspectlet’s script to provide you more in terms of hiding certain fields from getting recorded, and so on. But the copy/pasting works right out of the box.
  • You can share videos of users using your website with anyone. This enables the UI/UX teams to show usage of your website(s), and its various blocks to your designer, or design teams. Click here to see a recorded session of user, using this blog.
  • Great controls, and filter options for each and every video.
  • Heat maps, and Click maps at your fingertips.

Yes, This Blog Uses Inspectlet.

I’ve been using Inspectlet for sometime now. I’ve installed it, and let it run. It’s time for watching those recordings, and getting to know my readers more intimately.

Those recorded sessions will come in very, very handy when I want to decide what I want to do with this blogs navigation, or how the posts should be shown, and so on.

I’d definitely recommend Inspectlet!

See What Your Visitors Do On Your Website With Recorded Videos Of Their Sessions.

Inspectlet is a great tool for anyone wanting to go beyond Google’s Analytics, and Webmaster Tools. It’s great for understanding how your website is used. It’s priceless when it comes to UI/UX decisions.

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