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Books are usually better than their movie counter parts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of books coming alive as movies, or as a TV series; but I am kinda of a snoot - I do expect some justice done to the book(s) when they’re remade into movies, and/or respective TV series. Not that I want the TV, or movie adaption to follow the book. I think it’s brilliant that the story gets re-written along the way when getting adapted into a movie, or a series. But taking a book, and destroying the plot, and it’s premise, is something I detest. On the flip side - Of some books written, the movie adaptions far surpass what the book(s) had to offer in terms of a story, character development, character portrayal, plot executions, and what have you. One awesome example of this would be - The Silence of the Lambs.

Today’s post is about sharing this infographic, embedded below. It simply puts into perspective which adaption of a title is a better “story” for someone who’s is a movie buff, and bookworm like me. The only sad part is that it’s not a complete picture - with other famous book titles like the Bourne series, Sherlock Holmes, etc having been left out. Of course that can be chalked up-to too much research, or what not. But the fact remains that the infographic only picks up some current titles, and leaves some goldies out.

What I do appreciate, and so will you, is that the infographic does compare reading time vs viewing time. So, just incase if you haven’t read, or watched a particular titular series detailed in the infographic, then you can save yourself some time but just winging it and either watching the series/movie, or reading the respective book(s). I also love the design, and the colors.

Bookworms vs Movie Buffs
This infographic is the creative work of the good folks over at Cartridge Discount.

And Just In Case

And just incase the above infographic left you a little high, and dry - here’s a list of 10 movies that are better than their book counterparts. And here’s a list of 50 other movies better than the books they were adapted from.

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