BY indefiniteloop

The coos dropped the news
Of his brothers impending doom
Oba-San read it to him, and he blew a fuse
In an instant, he went from Gear Second to vrooooom

He asked the Empress for help; he bowed, and he begged
To be taken where his brother was held
She obliged, because as her husband him she had pegged
In an instant she had said yes, without feeling compelled

Together they sailed, out to where the prisoner was kept
The Empress provided her man with protection, and meat
The only man on the seas, on whom she was sweet
While he - the rubber brother waited, pondered, and slept

She smuggled him in, and she hid him within her coat
As they reached the criminals’ abode
She reverently warned him, not to overdo it, down the hell's road
He promised her then, that he'd be safe, and she would see him again emerging from his boat

She gave him a chance, to free his brother's chains
Bidding him farewell, she went ahead to meet his brother then; all the while praying for her man’s life
She too was chained, and kept under the jailers reins
He started on his path, down into the hell's six wells, never flinching from the oncoming strife

He kept on going, and made friends of a showy clown, and others that he had previously drowned
He made yet another friend, while trying to save his, and his brother’s skin
This friend was special, he was an okama; an okama in search of the queen who was long crowned
Together they rode, down the hells, and its wintery shores; never doubting their friendship, and wins

An eternity it took, to reach his brother’s keep
Only to realize that he had been transferred to the seventh hell
Only to realize that he, and his friends were trapped in troubles deep
But he, with a bunch of oddballs, managed, and sailed through the prison's poisonous swell

Onto the seventh kingdom, a whole bunch of them went
To save his brother, from becoming a part of history
The war had already begun by then, and little oars was spent
His brother's father, and the father’s sons, they fought bitterly until their ends

He fell from the sky, yelling his brother's name
Into the seventh well he fell, with the help from his peers and enemies alike, and he kept on getting saved
Every demon here kept testing his will; making it all a game
Until the time of his brother's execution arrived, he kept on getting delayed

Suddenly then he yelled from his soul
The demons' underlings, his peers, and his family - they all heard his cry
His will overpowered them then, giving the hound of Hades a new goal
But even that wasn't enough for his luck and will to be denied; to the end, hell’s will they’d defy

Another instant passed, and he reached his brother's mound
Releasing his brother from the clutches of the demon king
Together they fought, to end this round
Together they fought, to head out towards the exit of this ring

But the hound caught up with the brother, and the rubber man
He tried to kill both of them, with his raving hands
The brother to save his brother, he ran
The hound turned his brother's heart into a whole full of sands

A cry of rubber breaking pierced the sky
The white king witnessed his son's passing
Right before his eye, the king watched his sons die
The white King went mad, and on the hound it’s spears will went slashing

The man's mind, body, and soul were at the brink of giving up
The sons who were alive, the peers, and the Empress - they now took up the rubbery flag
They fought the seventh ring, to save the bearer of the new age; they fought to save his one piece of a cup
They all took up his fight, and his flak

Even then, the hound with the other demons wouldn't let the man be
For they knew a new king would be borne out of him - yet another new threat to hell
But as broken as he was, the man still sailed within luck's swell
Because he had inherited the will of D.

Header image credit: Wikicommons.

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