Welcome to episode 2 of the People Talk podcast series. A conversation between Gladys Fernandez, Abrazo Tango's Kruti Gandhi Sarda, and I.

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People Talk - Kruti Gandhi Sarda, Abrazo Tango & Gladys Fernandez.

People Talk - Podcast Series - Episode 1
People Talk - Podcast Series - Episode 2 - A Conversation with Kruti Gandhi Sarda & Gladys Fernandez, About Tango.

PS: Do note that there’s some noise in this podcast. As all the podcast in the People Talk series are recorded from an iPhone.

This Podcast

Back in Auroville this year, I had the opportunity to sit down with, and listen to another great Tango-teacher-couple from Greece - Vaggelis & Marianna.

Listening to them talking about them traveling the world, teaching and spreading the art of Tango, it did move me. It gave me the idea to ask for a podcast-conversation with them. And, I did ask. But, was sadly turned down by the organization that hosts these festivals in Auroville.

I did not give up on the idea though. Knowing full well that other teachers, and Tango enthusiasts come down fairly often to Mumbai.

And this time around, I managed to bag an interview from none other than the godmother of Tango - Gladys Fernandez. This, exclusively thanks to Kruti Gandhi Sarda, and Abrazo Tango.

Gladys was here, to help with Tango. I signed up for her class; since I do love to move my two left feet forward, while listening to Tango. I asked Kruti Gandhi Sarda, and Gladys Fernandez, for a podcast interview about Tango in general, their lives, ideas, and futures with respect to Tango, and Tango in India.

And, I am happy to know that it came out awesomely (minus some construction noise).

Tango & I

I have been learning Tango, for around two years now. And, I have mentioned this before that I have two left feet when it comes to dancing.

That’s one of the reasons, amongst others, that I don’t prefer to dance anything else, apart from Tango.

Why Tango Then?

I love the history, traditions, and culture that has gone into making Tango what it is today. I love it because of the close embrace; essentially what the dance form is centered around - at the least for me.

I have had had Tango on my bucket list for years, and had kept it there; wanting to learn it with my SO. And, as fate would have it, I did not get the chance to learn it with her. Thus I decided, back in 2014 to start on my bucket list.

Tango, as a result, was the second thing I started on; the first being learning some Spanish.

In those odd two years, I’ve let Tango change me. One of the precepts of Tango is the cabaceo - where you being a man, ask a woman to the dance floor; from across the dance floor. Now, all that is awesome. But, I am a shy guy. And did, and sometimes do lack the confidence to take part in a milonga, let alone ask someone across the room for a dance.

That’s started changing though. Thanks to Kruti Gandhi Sarda’s Abrazo Tango. I’ve started feeling more comfortable, and confident now, more than ever in the past two years. Again, that’s the work of people around me, who keep pushing; people like Gaby (my first ever milonga partner not known to me), Havovi Hyderabadwala, and awesome personalities, and teachers like Gladys Fernandez, Pino Trozzola & Katrina.

Want To Tango?

If you’re interested, and wanting to learn to Tango Then I highly recommend Abrazo Tango.

I can guarantee you that it will be fun, and that learning Tango will change you.

Want to learn Tango? Drop Kruti an email, or call her at +91 99-87-586384.

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