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Red Paper Heart has created one of the most creative art installations ever! It’s inspired the HBO series, Game of Thrones.

Some lucky fans of the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones were able to swing swords, and create self portraits based on the series’ artwork. It’s mind blowing what Red Paper Heart has achieved.

Watch the video embedded below.

Creating Selfies Game of Thrones Style!

By Red Paper Heart

How Does The Game Of Thrones / Sword Experience Work?

Fans are given swords that interact with onscreen targets. The screen is 10x10 foot projection. When fans start swinging their swords to “cut down” round spear like objects, and other targets that appear on the screen, the “system” starts recording the “swing” of their swords. The system translates the physics of a fan/users sword play. The wooden swords are embedded with sensors like wireless gyroscope, and accelerometer. These sensors measure the trajectory, and the velocity of each, and every swing of the sword wielder.

As the user slices the targets, these “hit”, and destroyed targets “spill” artwork on to the digital canvas. The artwork spilled out of the targets includes blades, dragon claws, dire-wolf furs, etc.

The artwork is masked with the user’s own photo, and the artwork created by themselves while swinging the sword fills their portrait, giving the users a Game of Thrones inspired self-made portraits! The artwork is made available to the users via online servers, ready to be shared online.

Red Paper Heart came with their own custom graphics engine, written in Cinder .


Know More About Game Of Thrones Sword Experience

More information about the art installation can be found at

I highly recommend clicking on that link above, it’s got ton’s of more information, and photos. Check them out, it’s definitely worth the click .

I definitely wish I could work with Red Paper Heart!

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