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Today was going to be a day for a very long post. But that has to wait I guess. Because today is all about this one man, his TED talk, and about feeling something.

What Really Matters At The End Of Life?

“As long as we’ve our senses, even just one, we’ve at least the possibility of accessing what makes feel… human…connected” - BJ Miller.

What’s it that we feel, and think when death approaches? According to BJ Miller , it’s very straight forward. We crave comfort, respect, and love. We crave for maintaining some semblance of our dignity. We crave to hold on to the grace within our souls, ’til it leaves us.

This one TED talk blew me away. It made me cut onions - something very few people, and things have been able to do. While I take no pride in that, the fact remains that this one talk is moving; so much so that this one TED talk has become my all time favorites.

Even though the talk centers more around the current state of healthcare in the United States, his talk is more about us being us - human beings. It’s about compassion, and empathy. He goes on to state that everyone is a patient, and calls out the meaning of that word - to suffer. And this suffering is what we share with each other. Every one of us.

BJ Miller makes us realise why we should live in the now. His talk answers some very very deep questions like - Why we should feel lucky enough to be born, and to be able experience this world, this universe around us? Why even with just one of our senses left to us, we should not forget to feel, to experience? and How little things, aren’t so little?

Heck, take out 20 minutes today. Watch the video embedded below. It may very well end up changing your life.

BJ Miller: What really matters at the end of life

“Let death be what takes us. Not lack of imagination.” - BJ Miller

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