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Do you hail from a small world filled with perceptions, or a big one full of people you share your experiences with? That’s the question you end up asking yourself when you finish watching video embedded below. Its full of youngsters trying to ask questions to their counterparts from across the globe. What I gathered from watching this video showcasing the Do Remember Me project , is that they’re doing this to satiate their curiosity about how, and what others like them around the world are like. All this while learning about different countries, and their cultures. And from what I can see, its only fuelling their self-curiosity, and curiosity about their world further. The video is the work of Loki Films. All the rights belong to Loki Films .

The video also shows how an event that happens in one country propagates (like the recent shootings in America) to others. It shows how these events are taken in by the younger generations, and the unedited reactions of the kids.

The World Is As Big Or As Small As You Make It by Loki Films

The video explains the project called “Do Remember Me”, which in turn is a based on a short file that bears the same title. The core of the project is to bring youth from different countries, and cultures onto the same table using available technologies. By doing so, the project allows these youths to start thinking about themselves, start reflecting, find common ground with others from across the globe, and change the perceptions of the World around them. From the looks of the video, it seems that it’s working.

What I loved about the video is the fact that Sanni Crespina-Flores, founder of Do Remember Me , is changing the way these kids are using technology. She’s actively trying to make those kids “retool” all those devices that we use, mostly to waste time. It’s brilliant, how these kids have taken all these technology platforms available to them, and transformed them into something that helps them find more about themselves, and others from across the Globe. I particularly like the questions the kids ask. They make you think about your answers to their questions. Ultimately, the video leaves you with a brilliant statement/quote - The World is as big, or as small as you make it.

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Do Remember Me: Is a project that explores, and inspires the youth to self-reflect, and use the current online media platforms to question themselves, and their perceptions of the World around them.
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Loki Films is a academy award nominated, non-fiction film production company.
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