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Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend ‘Social Mayhem’ - a psychology seminar hosted by Mind Mandala in association with Desousa Foundation, about the effects of social media on communication, conversations, and our individual psyches.

Attending the seminar just reiterated some facts that I wrote about in a post, sometime ago, about how Social Media makes you feel more lonely - which in turn is based on Sherry Turkle’s TED talk, and Shimi Cohen’s video.

The seminar kicked off with a presentation on how cartoons are both good, and bad for children. And how today’s technology affects children, and so on. While in the midst of this presentation the attendees - most of whom were psychoanalysts, psychology students, psychologists, were thought by Doctor Hozefa Bhinderwala about how a picture can convey what you as a counsellor are trying to describe the problem the patient faces, to her family & friends. He took this one step further by teaching us how to draw a human brain, and how to use that to communicate with the patient, her friends and family.

I - being the odd man out that I was, took this as an opportunity to start doodling. I wanted to sketch for a long time, and haven’t had the chance to do so, I ended up with the below embedded doodle. Inspired by this seminar, and of course #inktober

Brain Doodle - Inktober
Brain doodle inspired by a psychology seminar, and #inktober

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