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Here’s a funny video which won the ‘George Lucas Select’ Award in 2009 Star Wars Fan Movie contest. It was put together fast, and the work done is brilliantly creative.

The video stresses on the point that if you haven’t watched the original trilogy, there’s so much information floating about, and around because of its cult out there, that you essentially don’t have to watch it; unless you want to. You get the gist of it from the Internet.

The video was created by Joe Nicolosi , and his friend Amanda stars (wars) in it. Along with the regular cast from the original Star Wars trilogy. At the time of its creation, Amanda hadn’t watched the movie but already knew what happens. So Joe here, he took out you his voice recorder, and asked her to start narrating from the top. Then he went on to create this video!

Definitely worth your 4 minutes today. Watch it!

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) by Joe Nicolosi

Again the entire saga portrayed like this here, is hilarious. How Amanda narrates the story of the Star Wars trilogy, and how Joe has put all this narration to use is nothing short of brilliant. If you haven’t watched the original Star Wars trilogy, you don’t need to. Just watch this video, and four minutes later you would know what happens, no really! Most of it any ways!

And Just In Case You Want To Know About The Matrix?

Here’s another short one made by Joe Nicolosi - The Matrix Retold by Mom.

Here’s the Matrix explained by his Mom.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) by Joe Nicolosi

Again, hilarious!

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