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What if, what you’ve bottled-up for so long, within you, refuses to take another step, any step - forward, backward, up and down?

There are a lot of people, I know or have known, that suffer from super-anxiety. More often than not, I dive in first, and think later. Learn and improvise as and when, on the road. So, I know for a fact that I am not the anxious type. But there are times when I bottle a lot of feelings, within me. These feelings are a mix bag.

At a later point, these bottled-up feelings, pose the what-ifs, the why’s, etc.. The What-if-don’ts and why-nots, are swallowed up. Then all that is bottled-up, within me, stops me from taking a step, any step forward.

What helps me, the most, is writing. I just throw words into the notebook, for hours on end. At the weirdest of hours. I’ve noticed, when I write like this, that my creative side… blooms. So many ideas and good thoughts occur. I write those down, simultaneously, into a different notebook.

The next day, I have forgotten most of the stuff that I wrote when suffocated with all those feelings. All that is left, distilled, is that creativity in the form of a sketch, or an idea or a bunch of thoughts.

What do you do when, what holds you back is all that is bottled up, within you?

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