A ridiculous monologue, about how exciting it is to meet someone you like. Only to say your goodbyes, and realize that things aren't the way they seem. I am very excited to come across people, whom I think I may like or I like; things usually spiral down from there on. I find myself jaded, too often. On the flip side, I do try; excitedly enough.

BY indefiniteloop


And, how are you doing this wonderful morning? Isn’t it a wonderful morning? It is a wonderful morning!

How exciting it is to bump into you!? I am so excited! Tell me, what do you do in your free time? What do you do? Tell me, where are you from? Where!? Tell me, where were you, all this while? Where were you hiding? Where were you?

Excitable, very
Yes, yes! Oh, yes!

No! Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! I hate reading it on this small screen. I hate it!


I hate this chat window! I hate it! I hate it! I hate typing while wanting to talk to you! I hate it!

Excitable, very
Damn, Damned Phone! Damn this phone!

Geez! Let’s go out; let’s meet already! Let’s just go out! Let’s go! Let’s have a real conversation! A heart to heart! Let’s talk like never before! Let’s really talk! Let’s talk! Are you reading? What’re you reading? Lets talk about that thing you are reading! Maybe, I am also reading the same thing? I am reading the same thing! Yes? Yes!

While at it let’s get ice-cream too, double scoops! Double of everything! Yay, ice-cream! Yay, double scoops!

What, no ice-cream? Oh, that’s absolutely fine!

Let’s get a coffee then! You like coffee, right? Of-course you do! Who doesn’t like coffee!? Yes, let’s get a coffee then! Coffee it is! Super fine-grounded-exciting-coffee at that awesome-little-corner-cafe-with-rice-lights!

What!? No coffee either!?

Excitable, very
Wow! Much coffeez!

Okay, how about a neat little cup of tea then? Yes, how about tea? Of-course you don’t like coffee; you like tea! Silly me! Yes! Tea, it is! Let’s go get some tea! Rose? Ginger? Sencha? What would you prefer? Personally, I love a good ginger! Maybe, you’ll too? Ginger, it is!

Huh? You don’t like tea? Wait a minute! But….okay.

Okay. Let’s get a drink then! Oh my! Now I get it! I finally get it! Yes, let’s get a stiff drink! Let’s get a drink at that nice pub, one that plays that awesome music. Yes that pub! It has the best of everything! Everything! I hope you’ll love it! Oh, You’ll love it! We’ll get the shots, the chasers, and oh that finery of a scotch too! Yes, let’s go get drunk! Be merry! Be stupid!

Really!? You don’t drink!? You never ever have had a drink!? You don’t like pubs? Oh! No pubs?

Of-course you don’t. How did I ever forget that you’re health conscious! Oh yes, I forgot. Sorry! Apologies! How I can forget something like that! Sheep head of a me!

Excitable, very
Dance, dance, dance the night away!

How about dancing? You like to dance right!? I mean, we’re young! Yes, I know! Let’s go dancing! Let’s go to a Milonga! Yes, Tango it is! Tango, yay! Let’s dance the night away! It’s the perfect thing! Three minutes of eternities! Nothing but each other! Perfect! Super perfect! Fun! Super fun!

Noooo! You don’t like to dance either?

How about a walk then? Yes? Yes! I mean who doesn’t like to walk, right!? Right! I know! I know! This perfect place to walk, and talk. Right at the beautiful seashore; yes, full of beautiful scenes of setting Suns. Beautiful! Beautifully memorable! Very memorable! Yes, let’s go make memories! Yes!?

Excitable, very
What? You dislike the rain! But...but, it is full of magic!

Really!? You don’t like to walk in the rains!? Huh? No worries. Hahahahaha. No problemo!

Fine! Maybe, we should just chat like this? Yes?

Yes! Yes, Right here is fine! It really is fine.

Oh right, right. Your battery is acting up, right. Right! Oh, okay.

Tomorrow it is then! Yes, tomorrow is a new day! A new-new, beautiful day! Yes, yes it’s tomorrow then. Definitely, tomorrow then! You have a great day! Yes, you have an awesome day! See you!

Excitable, very
Ummm...noooo! Not cool!

Huh!?? Not tomorrow either!?

How about never then?

Yes, never works! Never works for me; superbly it does! I mean what in the world was I thinking, right!? Right! So never right!?

Yep! Never it is!

Finally! We have something in common! Finally, finally!

Excitable, very
Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope full of spiders nope.

Yep. See ya!

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