Don't be coy, now. Don't be shy now. Step out, and make someone smile. Step out, make yourself smile.

BY indefiniteloop

No, no; sleep matters. Sleep as much as you’d like to. Sleep 23 hours a day, if you’d like that. It’s not healthy or so they say, but go ahead. Sleep. As much as you want to. Just see to it that for an hour a day, you step out.

Step out. Not for anyone else. Not for your friends. Not for your family. Definitely not because it’s written here. Or for that matter for any other purpose, but to bump into other people. Heck! Don’t even step out for that. Rather, step out to bump into yourself.

Step out to maybe get drenched in the rains, to watch the sunrise, to watch the sun fall, to ponder, to walk it all off, to wash it all off, to eavesdrop, and smile as if you know some dirty little secret; which just happens to be the key to the whole conversation you’re eavesdropping on. Step out to be voyeuristic, adventurous(-istic), fabulous(-istic); to be yourself — whoever you are. How else are you suppose find magic, and magical phenomenon (even if sufficient scientific proof exists — it’s still magic)?

Step out to contribute to the humdrum of the world around you. Step out to listen to blasting music from overcrowded bars, as you pass them by. Step out to listen to those chirps or those annoying pigeon coos, and to listen to your own breaths.

Step out to pet that dog, who meets you at that same corner of the street or to feed that selfish cat, who never comes to you unless you have something to feed her. Step out to give away all that you don’t need, to push that stalled car in the middle of the road because no one else wants to. Step out to find that lost romance you had within, to find small treasures that seem to have been forgotten in small lonesome lanes. Step out to fulfill your morning hunger for spicy eggs, and those dripping rashers of bacon. Step out to go to that cafe; the one that serves you your favorite ginger tea or the hot-hot chocolate, while it pours cats & dogs outside. Step out to sit at the seafarers or the beach, and write those stories that you’ve wanted to, into your small notebooks. Step out to find a quite place where you can read, and not feel lonely.

Step out to flesh out that incredible thought; the one you had no time for. Step out to feel insignificantly small, and humble. Step out to correct your posture, to become your best friend. Step out for an hour today. Maybe, just maybe you’ll step out again tomorrow.

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