While in the process of structuring a lot of things around me, I decided to redo the home page. Make it more emptier. How empty will be decided based on the results of the A/B testing that's currently underway.

BY indefiniteloop

Since the last move over of the blog from Sojourner.co to indefiniteloop.com, and a complete overhaul of the blog design, I’ve been wanting to redo the homepage. Have been wanting to make it more of less.

My first idea was to simply remove all of the CSS; remove every single line of formatting, and let the browsers take over that task. The second idea was to create a most basic CSS, which just helps structure the page, and helps with applying some typefaces to make it look a little more better than what the browsers have in store. The third idea was to just let the most basic framework based rules to stay, and thus allow some kind of formatting (namely where the structure of the page is concerned) to be retained.

These last two set of ideas for the homepage, led me to start A/B testing them. The new design of the home (or the lack thereof) is online. The A/B testing is underway. And, I’ll be posting the results of the test, here on the blog soon. Two different versions of the home page get served, randomly. The conversion is based on what I define as goals. Namely, the amount of time spent reading the home page, and the action (links clicked) taken.

Here we go
Homepage: Version 1 - Let me know what you think?

I’d also appreciate any, and all kind of feedback/critique on the home page from you. This, to better understand the readers, my design process, and to learn from it all. Do help me by telling me your opinion about the home page design by commenting below. I’d love to know.

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