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Using jekyll1 for this blog has been awesome. One of the reasons I like jekyll1 or any other static site generator, is the fact that it is so easy to keep updating, adding and/or modifying your site/blog. I’ve had been wanting to prune the categories for this blog; it was required after importing older posts from tumblr. While removing and editing the categories for all the posts, I kinda changed some other things too. Read about the move from tumblr to jekyll.

What has changed?

Finite number of categories: From the time of importing the posts from tumblr, the categories were all over the place. This has been fixed. Now, there are only a fixed number of categories to work with. One category, per post. Everything that doesn’t fit in a category, defaults to experiences.

Pulling the content up: The header for all the pages was taking taking up space, add to that the area which displays the main / header image for posts that have one. The two have been merged and its looking good!

Google structured data: This was on the list for sometime. Minelienda, uses google structured data2. On moving from tumblr to jekyll, adding google structured data2 was skipped. Done now.

Moving from the subdomain to a subfolder: When using tumblr, subdomains were something that would allow me to setup different “channels” on tumblr. Since all those channels are now merged withing this, one blog, using a subfolder was an option. Something that gave this decision a final push, is a video on moz.org3.

Simpler, shorter permalinks: Long permalinks are something I don’t link. Especially, when talking to someone, I would want to share a link, verbally or write it down somewhere for him/her This becomes very difficult with permalinks that have dates, numbers and are long. The new permalink structure uses just the cateogory and title of the post. Much cleaner and simpler to share.

Adding a custom 404: Changing from subdomain to a subfolder and, changing the permalink structure made this a requirement. The new 404 page now lists all the posts, pages, etc. The posts that recieve a high volume of traffic have a redirect setup.

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