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Well, I have, successfully switched over from Tumblr; to a self hosted Jekyll based setup. It’s not complete or perfect, but it’s working and looks good!

The theme is, kind of, built upon Minelienda tumblr theme. I have to say, I like this theme better than Minelienda. This theme, too, is minimal, focuses on type and is a, very simple theme, with minimal custom javascript use, unlike Minelienda; where I had to use a lot custom javascript to achieve simple tasks like having a main, header image in a post.

It’s feels more free? Free, in terms of, being able add/change the functionality very easily, and it feels more extensible because of Ruby and Jekyll. Liquid has been simply awesome to use, it’s straight forward & extremely simple.

The site is hosted with Digital Ocean. I was hosting with Hostgator, but yesterday, I decided to go ahead and start using Digital Ocean. There’s a reason behind this decision, and I will cover that in another post.

It took me about 2 days to finish this small project. Time well spent.

Let me know what you guys think?

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