How would you feel, if you found yourself alone, sitting in front of the sea, in a library, reading favorite book? Here's a video that is filled with an experience that would make anyone want to do just that.

BY indefiniteloop

Most of us are aware that there’re tons of wonderful libraries strewn across the planet. Some of us see them more than just libraries; something more that overcomes the meaning of the noun, printed in those dictionaries.

The libraries, they all have something to offer that somehow transcends the scores of books, authors, and librarians that these libraries hold within. And, most of us fail to notice that ‘something more’; maybe for no fault of ours, and it may so happen that these ‘something mores’ mayhap even register with our subconscious at some point or the other, while we read. But, we do miss to consciously make a note of such trivialities that weigh more than just the acts of reading, and absorbing knowledge.

The act of knowledge absorption in itself, can also be termed as a bit of meditation, if I may; of sorts. Maybe even a cure for whatever is ailing, and assaulting us from within.

And, this is where today’s video comes in.

The Library That May Very Well Address Our Loneliness

Or at least give it a perceivable dimension to it.

After watching the video embedded below, I was a little perplexed about where I would file this post, on this blog. I found myself torn between filing it under Inspiration or Design. Then I realized that the video itself, like the library (nothing short of a wonder) documented within the video, is an experience in itself. An experience that brings to light those subtleties that can be found in all the libraries of the world; those that I term as ‘something more’ in this post. It’s an experience to just watch the video, and be in awe of it.

If you have five minutes to spare today, I highly recommend watching this video. I’ll go as far out, and plead that you watch it. It addresses design, architecture, and experience on a whole different level.

The World's Loneliest Library: Between the Sea and the Sun.

The video’s title doesn’t disappoint or take away from the fact that this library may very well be the most loneliest library in the whole world. I hope that someday I find myself sitting there, and re-reading one of my favorites. The library itself is something that should be on the bucket list.

Where Is It?

Like me, if you’re wondering where this gorgeous piece of solitude is located, it’s stands on the sands of a beach in Nandaihe, a coastal region in eastern China.

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